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We provide live-gaming, a next-generation gaming experience that merges games and livestreaming, allowing viewers to join in the game being streamed. You can play new social games, which are live games for the always-connected era.

About Live-gaming About Live-gaming

Live-gaming is the next generation of social game that merges gaming and livestreaming, allowing the audience to join and participate in the game being streamed. The audience can enjoy a completely different experience from conventional games and live streaming, such as playing games together with the streamer or influencing the game through gift items.

Potential of Live-gaming Potential of Live-gaming

Featured Games Featured Games

  • Princess & Knight

    An RPG-like action game in which the streamer and viewer form a party. The viewer acts as a knight to protect the streamer from oncoming enemies.
    The game design allows viewers to help each other to clear the game, providing a live game experience where viewers and streamers can enjoy the feeling of playing together.

    Mirrativ / DeNA
  • Emomo Run RPG

    A user-interactive game in which viewers can gift items during the streamers they watch are playing the game. Players are scored on how much gold they earn, how little damage they take, how quickly they defeat bosses, etc., in order to achieve a high score.

  • Caligula Drive

    A smartphone RPG game in which players compete with other players for collections in order to complete the stories.
    The appeal of this game is the fusion of the social game-like interaction mechanism of players competing with each other and live-game-like experiece in which the streameres and viewers are co-operating.

  • “Neko-Medal” (cat medal)

    The medal dropping game that everyone is familiar with is now available as a live game. Viewers appear on screen to gift items to the streamer, and the streamer uses a pusher to drop them and gain points for both streamer and viewer. The newly evolved medal dropping live game, fit for the new era.

  • Poka Poka Little Farm

    A live game where you can enjoy a relaxing slow life by creating your own farm and decorating it.
    Users can water each other's farms and cooperate in guilds to grow crops. The game also offers elements that can be enjoyed depending on the season, such as the occasional rare crop.

  • Chain Chronicle Rogue

    A live-game in which you can enjoy easy-to-operate  and interesting "action tower defense" battles while communicating as a streamer or a viewer. Created as a spin-off project for the 10th anniversary of the "Chain Chronicle" ; a multi-chain scenario RPG for smartphones.

    SEGA / Mirrativ
  • Piko Piko Survivors

    A thrilling hack-and-slash live game with fighting 2D dot characters. The streamer and viewers can gift items to each other to obtain training materials. Viewers can appear in the game as support characters, providing an experience unique to live games.


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