About Mirrativ

Mission Mission

Connecting people who want 
to understand each other

"To understand each another" is a universal wish of all people,
while "difficulties to understand each other "
poses a challenge for people. That's what Mirrativ believes.
To talk, to create, to move.
We believe that every human activity is driven
by a wish to be a certain way.
And all communication is the transmission of that wish.
Sometimes communication fails, and things such as war on a macro level, and loneliness and suicide on a micro level,
remain even in this technologically advanced age.

To connect with each other while respecting the wishes of each people.
And to increase those moments of mutual understanding as much as possible.
In that order, we can increase the total amount of happiness in the world even more.
That is our steadfast belief.

Vision Vision

A place to connect
through common interests,
and create your own narrative

The joy of understanding someone through a shared interest is priceless. Somewhere in this world, there's someone who loves the same game, or content, or character.

The moment such wishes connect and are experienced together with others, a memory all your own, a unique narrative, is born. We believe that 'a place with a story' is an important part of the human experience.

Mirrativ is and will continue create a plate where people can connect with each other through what they like, and create their own stories.

Value Value

Action Principles

Continue to try to understand

As a group that connects people's wishes to understand each other, we always strive to understand all that we come into contact with as much as possible. We consider this attitude to be even more important than our action guidelines, and will embody it in the form of our action principle.

Action Guidelines

  • Learn
    from the facts

    We set aside presumptions,
    and make our own observations for the next step.

  • Think boldly

    We think outside the box, from the starting point
    of what's ideal, to go beyond boundaries.

  • Focus
    on results

    We are not satisfied with the process alone,
    we strive until we achieve the best results.

  • And enjoy

    We enjoy every step of the way, including the challenges,
    so that our users can have fun themselves.

To help members visualize specific recommended and non-recommended actions, we created and use the "Guidelines for Continuing to Try to Understand Each Other" within the company.

Top Message Top Message

赤川 隼一

As an impressionable teenager, I experienced the world expanding rapidly through my favorite games and music. These experiences are brought by my own homepage and chat rooms in the early days of the Internet. The results have shaped who I am today.

To the onlooker it may seem like just a hobby, just entertainment, just a game, or just a gathering.

But, I also know from personal experience that talking about what you like, gathering together, and having such a "place to be" can sometimes truly change a person's life. I'm also aware that over the course of history, opportunities to change society and the world have often come from casual connections and communities.

It's because we live in an age of division that Mirrativ believes in the power of people and community, and will continue to emphasize the significance and value of connecting people to people. We hope that, as you read this, Mirrativ's activities will trigger the creation of new values and connections in you.

Junichi Akagawa, Founder & CEO, Mirrativ Inc.