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Mission Mission

Connecting those who want
to understand each other

We believe that "to understand each another" is a universal wish of all people,
while "difficulties to understand each other " poses a challenge for people.
Mirrativ is a company that is committed to the significance and value of
"Connecting those who want to understand each other" to foster mutual understanding in today's world.

Vision Vision

A place to connect
through common interests,
and create your own narrative

When you share something you like with someone, you create your own memories and stories (narratives).
Mirrativ creates a place where every person in the world can connect through what they like and create their own narratives.



    Game-streaming Platform

    [ ミラティブ ]

    Mirrativ is a smartphone game-streaming platform that allows anyone to easily share their gaming experience using just one smartphone device. The platform recreates the shared fun of gaming, much like when you used to gather around the TV at your friend's house to play video games as a child.